What is HONEST

This is a new concept of business. We named it “Business for Humanity”. Here, the investors invest capital as charity; they don’t take any single profit. Rather 60% profit will be distributed to charity. This charity will be done through our project “Pay it Forward Bangladesh (Let us Spread kindness). Rest 40% profit will be kept for operating expenses. The target group of this business is students and lower/ middle income groups. They become partner of this platform automatically just after the first purchase. We hope, though initially the 60% profit will be go for charity directly by us, but very soon we shall switch to a new mechanism to distribute it to our purchasers. That means, in a short future, 60% profit of this only shop will go to its clients.(proportionate to their purchase volume) and thus they will get back 60% of the total profit accrue from his/her purchases. That means, they will get a huge profit pay back from the purchase of their daily needs. This concept is a new business concept, firstly introduced in Bangladesh- possibly even in the globe. We are here not to make profit but to love all.

Badal Syed.

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