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What is HONEST

This a new concept of business. We name it “Business for Humanity. Here the investors invest capital as charity, they don’t take any single profit. rather 60% profit is distributed among the purchasers who purchase from this online shop. This profit is paid to them at the very moment they make any purchase. We declare our profit against every goods, so it makes a buyer how much of it he will get. Rest 40% profit is kept for operating expenses and making contribution to “Pay it Forward, Bangladesh (Let us Spread kindness).

The target group of this business is students and lower/ middle income groups. They become partner of this platform automatically just after first purchase and get back 60% of the total profit accrue from his/her purchase. Thus they get a huge profit pay back from their daily needs purchase. This concept is a new business concept, firstly introduced in Bangladesh.

  • More over this platform has started a new segment called ‘Donate it Forward.’ In this segment it offers necessary goods to needy people totally free of cost.

Moreover the group provides medical help to deserving candidates- free of cost. 

Our missions are–

1.Make life of lower income group. specially, students less expensive.

2. Provide them best product of the market with a lesser price that prevailing in the market.

3. Bring solvency to our target group by providing 60% of profit.(Without making any single investment by them).

4. Create and encourage entrepreneurs to sell products through us with a minimum mark up. Usually they are to sell us their item with a less price, they sell in usual market.

5. Helping under privileged people by providing free goods.

5. Provide free health care service.

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